Don't know where to start? Let us help.

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Do you already have an internet connection?

What sort of Web page are you looking for? Do you live in the East Tennesee area? Did you know that when you subscribe to Planet Connect's wireless internet you can actually get a free personal homepage? And if you are currently without internet at your home or office, how exactly were you planning on viewing/maintaining/monitoring your Web site and your internet commerce? To learn more about the ISP services that Planet Connect provides, or to see if their internet services are provided in your area, click here.

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Do you know where you would like to host your Web site?

Before you have a Web site you have to have a place to put that Web site. We can also help you out there. Planet COnnect, our parent company, can also host your Web site! Why host with Planet COnnect? While hosting you site with Planet Connect, you can receive discounts on our Web design services, plus the added convenience of having all of your Web site needs handled at one place. Call 865-397-0125 for more information on hosting.

Already have a host? No problem, you can still enjoy all of the services that First Internet Resources have to offer. Just make sure to have your FTP information, such as a username, password, and domain name ready to go. If you don't know this information already, you will need to contact your existing host.

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Let's design a site that meets your needs

Now, if you already have all of the above, and are not interested in Planet Connect services we are still here for you! Skip all of the above steps and contact our designer directly at 423-736-0866 or for a quote on your design project, make sure to include "First Internet Resources" in the subject line, and have your ftp and domain name information ready.

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Contact us

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Morgan Akens (for graphic design, Web design only)
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